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Best 5 Way to Boost Sexual Drive

Best 5 Way to Boost Sexual Drive – Who doesn’t want to have more fun in bed? We all want a spicier sex life and to increase our sexual power and capacities. You have come to the right place for tips that would revolutionize your sex life. If you follow these five tips, you will have a more satisfactory, internally pleasing, and happy sexual experience.

Best 5 Way to Boost Sexual Drive
Best 5 Way to Boost Sexual Drive

1.      Attitude

If I tell you to close your eyes and remember the smell of your favourite food, I am sure you would be able to do it in a heartbeat. People are profoundly affected by all their senses. Hence to be sexually appealing, you have to use all these senses. Make sure that you don’t only look presentable, but also smell delicious. Researchers have proved that people find pleasant smells erotic. Remember to set the mood by better lighting and a lot of foreplay. Foreplay arouses the women and men cannot resist themselves, which makes the outcome more pleasurable. Set your attitude right and sexual power would follow.

2.      Know yourself

How would anyone be able to understand what you like if you don’t know yourself? Schedule some ‘me time’ and explore your body. Change up your masturbation pattern and understand what you want and dislike. This approach would not only give you a better perspective but also help you last longer. Try and delay your orgasm by slowing down a little before you feel it coming. By practising this, you get better control of your body and orgasms so you can control to some extent the duration of sex.

3.      Be vocal

It is everyone’s dream to find a partner who can read what is going on in your mind and understand the things you like and dislike. I so wish that was true! In real life, at least in most cases, people can’t read your brain, so, it is imperative to be vocal. For instance, sentences like, “let’s go slower”, “can you tough me softer over here”, or “I like this, I want more”, will not only keep the passion going but also make it more enjoyable for both the parties. A sense of appreciation of your partner can go a long way in encouraging and exciting them. Open communication is vital for a better sexual experience and increasing your power.

4.      Steer away from shame

This world has turned sex into a taboo and words like penis, vagina, Cumming, into reasons of embarrassment. We need to be proud of our bodies and what lies underneath all the layers of clothing. Remember, sex is natural, and to enjoy ourselves is our right. So, let go of all your shame of not only about having sex, but also your own body. It is crucial to be comfortable in your skin and love yourself before anyone else can satisfy you. So, remember, love yourself before you make love.

5.      Healthy body, healthy sex

A vital part of your sexual performance is your body itself. If you are tired, sleep-deprived, lazy, you would not be able to perform to your capacity sexually. So cliché but essential tips:

·      Gert your sleep

·      Reduce your stress

·      Meditate

·      Eat healthy: lots of greens and protein

·      Sweat it out: get regular exercise

Hope you find these tips useful to improve your sexual experience and lead a happier life with your partner.

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