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What Happen If You Use these Brain Boosting Tips Ever!

What Happen If You Use these Brain Boosting Tips Ever!

Best 2019 Brain Boosting Tips Ever – With an increase in advancements in technology, we became overly dependent on external factors such as mobile and Alexa. This attitude has led to a significant decrease in relying on our memory and increased in various diseases. Here you will find useful tips that would boost not only your brain and memory but also reduce the chances of abnormal health issues:

Brain Boosting Tips
Brain Boosting Tips


The world of chaos and constant deadlines has led to an unsteady frame of mind. It is crucial to take a few minutes every day to press pause and meditate. I know, I know, it sounds cliché, but believe me, this works. Moments of silence and concentration can lead to a more balanced mind and help cure depression, increase positive emotions, improve emotional stability, and relieve stress. It is also scientifically proven that meditation leads to an increase in blood flow to the brain, increase gray matter, reduce blood pressure and boost the immune system. It also slows the ageing process, which together improves memory and brain capacity. All of this in a couple of minutes!!


Meditate right after you wake up, to give your day a fresh start!!

Eat Right

About 31% of Americans skip breakfast daily. With the increase in consumeristic behaviour, consumption of food is to induce happiness rather than to fulfil the bodily necessity. You might not recognize the importance of what goes in your stomach and how it affects your brain. Regular consumption of extremely unhealthy food makes you sluggish and also leads to depression.

So, what should you do? Firstly, cut the refined carbs from your diet. Now, what are refined carbs? Most sugars and refined grains have all most of the nutrients and fibres removed, hence is harmful to the body and brain.  Therefore, remove food such as white bread, white rice, sodas, etc. form your diet. Add greens and proteins to your diet, which would not only improve your brainpower but also help you stay fit.


Chewing sugar-free gum has proven to improve the attention, concentration and retaining information. Plus, trust me, people love when we carry gum. So, want a chewing-gum?

Brain Train

A lot of people think that our genes dictate our brain capacity. I’m sure that you must have heard sentences like “Einstein was a born genius” or “I just cant remember numbers”. But let me tell you, one can always improve their brain capabilities. We have to train our brain to act in a certain way.

This training is done by playing more games like word recall, crossword, memory specific games. YES! You heard me! It is such a fun and effective way to boost your memory. Other techniques include writing down all the things you want to remember, associating words with similar sounding words, etc.

Eye’ Exercises

Sounds weird, right? Let me explain. Some researchers claim that regularly exercising your eyes can lead to better retention of memory as it activates the brain and is also refreshing. Moving your eyes from right to left for 30 seconds every day might improve retention capacity by 10 per cent.

Know your body

Know your limits. This century has seen a rise in workaholic behaviour. People listen to their bosses more than their bodies, which has a detrimental effect on the body and mind. Understand your limits and recognize your peak time of the day and work accordingly. This lifestyle would lead to a healthier and more positive mental frame.

PRO TIP: Create a fixed sleeping time. Childish but effective.


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