Home Hair CareWhat Happen If You Use These Best 2019 Natural Hair Care Tips!
What Happen If You Use These Best 2019 Natural Hair Care Tips!

What Happen If You Use These Best 2019 Natural Hair Care Tips!

Natural Hair Care Tips Ever – Nobody wants to get judged, but unfortunately, today (actually since forever), the world has a bad habit of judging people by their physical appearance (just like some judge a book by its cover). And a person’s hair is no exception as well.

Natural Hair Care Tips
Natural Hair Care Tips

People with the problem of hair fall, hair damage, and rough hair etc. have great difficulty in introducing themselves in their social surroundings. This is one of the reasons that people give a lot more attention to their hair than that of other parts of their body.

Other than social impact, a person should take care of their hair because hair is a strong refection of the overall body health (true that). If your body is suffering from any disease, your hair will be affected and will reflect your health.

Here are some excellent tips that can help you to keep your hair healthy and strong.


Dandruff (in the list of the most hated things in the entire world) is one of the most common hair problems faced by any age group of people, although dandruff is due to the shedding of dead skin cells and it is reasonable when it happens in excessive, it becomes a problem (a huge one). 

Sometimes it becomes very annoying because dandruff tends to come back again and again.

Use a mixture of lukewarm sunflower oil with few drops of lime juice in your head and massage it well.

You can keep it for as long as you want but at least an hour minimum is necessary for the oil to work on your scalp.

Then wash your hair thoroughly with your regular shampoo.

In the starting, use this treatment twice or thrice a week, after your dandruff gets cured use this once a week to prevent any revisit of dandruff.


Vitamin E works as a very excellent antioxidant which if applied on hair can reduce oxidative stress and free-radical, which are primary reasons for damaged and break down of hair, making them weak.

You can take vitamin E tablets that can help you gain healthy and damage-free hair and also healthy skin.

Or, you can also mix a few drops of liquid from vitamin E capsules in your regular hair oil and apply that to your scalp. Same as I mentioned before, keep this oil on for at least for an hour so that the ingredients can nourish your hair. 

Then wash your hair with any regular shampoo. Regular use of vitamin E will give your hair strengths, and it will grow longer.


Eggs are full of protein, vitamins B complex and minerals, which are very helpful in preventing any hair damage.

Proteins present in eggs help in strengthening of your hair, and the fats help condition your damaged hair to improve hair texture, while the vitamin B complex helps to provide essential moisture for a healthy scalp.

It is a myth that you should use the only white part of an egg for any beauty purpose. Both the yolk and the whites are rich sources of protein and vitamin B complex. However, the white part of the egg is indeed rich in more protein than that of the yellow section. But, the protein in egg yolks helps to heal curbing breakage, brittle hair, and split-ends, which allows gaining silky, soft and healthy hair.

Hair Care Homemade Tips

So go on, don’t wait any more and get the hair you have always wanted.

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